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Or upload for gaming

Or upload for gaming

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Ideally for gaming you want a decent upload speed, a perfect match between upload and download would be best, but highly unlikely to. I have been planning on upgrading my internet and the next two highest packages have the same upload, but the download doubles between. so i previously had around 20mbps download, 4mbps upload and around 40ms ping and this ran games like world of tanks and call of duty.

I hear to have good connection speed for great online gaming, you should also have a really good upload the 10 Mbps e. 18 Jul - 50 sec - Uploaded by hi sparky For gaming, the upload speed is not that important, as this how fast you if your download below. It will use about kB/s download and kB/s upload. However if you are downloading/uploading while gaming you need a bigger buffer.

Upload and Download speeds matter. But what matters most is Latency or Ping. Its denoted in MS unit. What is it? - The ping is the reaction. I'm trying lower my bills and my son is a serious online gamer. He plays from a PC if that makes a difference. Our current plan currently gives. Thanks. I guess what I meant was if UPLOAD is more important than DOWNLOAD, or vice versa. I have a 20Mbps Download/2Mbps Upload. 21 Mar A fast ping means a more responsive connection, especially in applications where timing is everything (like video games). Ping is measured in. 1 Dec Why is Upload Speed Important? at interactive connections, which is why most web sites and gaming devices don't seem to work very well.

So i have the choice between getting a 50 download mbit / 5 upload mbit OR a 40 download mbit / 15 upload mbit?Which one is better and. 24 Mar My results Does Down or Up or ping effect gaming? Do I just need a good ping to play games. 9 Aug Here we explain what good upload and download speeds are. Before we explain whether you're speeds are what they should be, you need to. Upload speed refers to how fast your internet connection can send files and information to a website. Online gaming (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) Video chat.


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